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Bob and Fran Price love each other. And their children.
Perhaps too much.

Rosie has left home … and returned.
Pip is unhappy in her marriage.
Ben is pushing the boundaries.
Mark is struggling with his identity.

And yet there is a greater tragedy about to strike them all…

A powerful, disturbing and uplifting play. 

Please be aware

This is an adult play, performed by our most experienced actors. They have seen the play, been touched by it and want to perform it. It will be uncut and in its original form. The play tackles the themes of gender identity and bereavement. The characters face real and troubling issues, and their understandably emotional responses are sometimes conveyed through shocking language that is appropriate to the intensity of the situation. If you chose to come – and we hope you do – please be aware of this. 

Suitable for 5th Year and above.