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Yarm School have teamed up with Tees Valley Wildlife Trust to bring you a Sculpturing Extravaganza! 
To raise environmental awareness for the beautiful River Tees and all its' inhabitants, Miss Jenyns (our Visiting Artist) and the Art Department are hosting a day of creativity where you can come and help us build huge animals made completely of trash, as well as learning from this fantastic charity.
Over the Summer Term, members of the school community have been bringing in their repurposed household waste and the pupils and Miss Jenyns have been making some extraordinary pieces of work… but we need more!
Once completed, these will be displayed around the school for everyone to enjoy.
So please book your free tickets now. Tees Valley Wildlife Trust will be in attendance to teach us about the flora and fauna of the river so be quick as tickets are limited!
There are 3 slots/times available and refreshments include squash and cookies.