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Emma Kenny’s Serial Killer Next Door

Sunday 18th June 2023 7:30pm

Booking and Show Times

June 18, 2023 7:30pm

Emma Kenny’s Serial Killer Next Door

Tickets £25.00, Planet Radio Pair of Tickets Free

Princess Alexandra Auditorium


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The Serial Killer Next Door is hosted by This Morning’s  Emma Kenny– one of the UK’s most notable TV crime commentators. In her 5-star rated show, Emma asks the question, ‘Would you know if you were living next door to a serial killer?’ 
Taking her guests on a journey into the dark side of humanity, Emma explores the ingredient list of experiences that turns regular people into murderous monsters. A must see for any true crime fan, Emma provides an in-depth analysis of the crimes that shook the world. 
From Ted Bundy to Joanna Dennehy, Richard Ramirez to Dennis Rader and many more besides, Emma explores the crime scenes and criminal minds of some of the most notorious serial killers of our time. Learn how psychological profiling and other modern police detection methods is helping to apprehend these predators and protect us from their deadly desires. 
Join Emma in this entertaining and informative exposé of their warped and depraved world as she separates truth from myth and lifts the lid on some of the most infamous criminals in modern history. Understand how their minds work, what motivates them and, crucially, what they look for in a victim. 

Dare you look through the eyes of the psychopaths that walk among us? It could just save your life…

If you require wheelchair access seating, then please contact the Box Office as we allocate a specific seating area for this.


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