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National Youth Boys’ Choir – Things That Never Die

Thursday 9th April 2020 6:00pm

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April 9, 2020 6:00pm

National Youth Boys’ Choir – Things That Never Die

Tickets £13.00, Disabled Person £7.00, Carer Ticket £7.00, Staff Member £5.00, Under 25's £5.00

Princess Alexandra Auditorium

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Conductors: Lucy Joy Morris & Neil Ferris


Enjoy hearing some of the UK’s finest young voices as the National Youth Boys’ Choir perform a concert on the theme of Identity. At a time when many choirs are mixed, this joyful and powerful concert offers a rare opportunity to hear over 100 of the UK’s most talented boys’ from across the UK singing together.


This concert is about the more personal side of cultural identity asking the question – what makes me, me? It’s not only about the culture we’re born into but the experiences and the people around us that shape us as individuals. In the run up to the concert, Conductor Lucy Joy Morris engages the choir members in the theme, allowing them to become deeply in touch with the subject matters they’re singing about, making the pieces truly theirs and the performance authentic and heartfelt.


Performance highlights include Kurt Bestor’s important and relevant piecePrayer of the Childrenabout the impact of war on a child. Lee Dengler’sThings that never dieis about the things you learn as a child that you take with you into adulthood. The finale,We Areby Bob Chilcott is an impressive joint piece performed by all the members of the Boys’ Choir. This is the first time it’s been performed by a large group, and we hope it will leave you feeling empowered and inspired.


“This concert will challenge preconceptions about what boys should and can do – the sound and sight of over 100 young men singing together is one of such power and impact and one not to be missed. The boys really engage in the subject matter of their programme and as a result sing from the heart, taking real ownership of this very personal programme.”

Lucy Joy Morris


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