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Event Expired

The Large Scale Universe

Tuesday 20th October 2020 7:00pm

Booking and Show Times

October 20, 2020 7:00pm

The Large Scale Universe

Adult £10.00, Child £8.00

Friarage Theatre


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This events has been Cancelled.

Refunds are in progress.


The Large Scale Universe – galaxies and the expanding universe.

Throughout history human beings have asked fundamental questions about the nature of the universe. Did it have an origin? And if so will it end? Cosmology is the science that aims to answer these questions. Over the past one hundred years scientists have constructed a 'standard model' of cosmology – the, so called, 'big-bang' theory. In this course we will evaluate all aspects of this theory and assess the evidence that supports it.


Attend 4 or more of the Astronomy Talks and receive 10% off (must be booked together)



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