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IIRSM North East and Cumbria

Monday 8th April 2019 9:30am

Booking and Show Times

April 8, 2019 9:30am

IIRSM North East and Cumbria

Tickets £45.00

Princess Alexandra Auditorium


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Managing Performance Risk in a Formula 1 Team – Rob Smedley

In this presentation Rob will detail this risk management process giving clear examples of where the balance has been well managed as well as badly misjudged.


Applying Risk Management in Diverse Environments – David Atkinson

In this presentation David will discuss how his origins as a firefighter have helped him to manage risk on a daily basis in an industry where pushing the boundaries of risk, and having to manage them with caution and pragmatism at the same time are of equal importance. He will give anecdotes of the challenges faced when managing risk during filming of multimillion dollar movies and how the fundamentals of risk management can be delivered in any environment, provided you work collaboratively with your operational people.


Behaviour Change Isn’t Just About Changing Behaviours: Duncan Aspin

Duncan believes that there may be a problem with the term behavioural safety as the term “behaviour” implies that it is the person that needs fixing, leading to a focus on approaches that do not address the many influences on behaviour. He puts this down to a confusion between culture change and behaviour change, and an over-reliance on approaches that don’t focus on specific behaviours, but take the same approach, regardless of the issue. Duncan goes further to suggest that often, there is little or no attempt to understand the issues before applying a one size fits all formula. Using examples that show how such approaches are almost sure to fail in the long run, Duncan discusses what he believes are more effective ways of addressing behaviour change and gives examples of where this worked.


Manging Risk in a Retail Environment -Glenn Evans/Alan Cartmell

Glenn and Alan will discuss the absolute importance of engaging the Board and Senior Management to help facilitate the ownership, responsibility and accountability of managing their risk portfolio. In addition they will provide an outline of their approach in overcoming these key challenges in implementing a successful risk framework and will explain how to deliver that framework and implement it into an organisation.


The Colour of Safety – Sonni Goppal

Sonni discusses that right from an early age, we begin to recognise colour. As we develop we also begin to associate colour with specific messages that we wish to convey. Colours can play a very important role when it comes to communicating hazards to workers, performance on a balance sheet or the impact to a business due to potential risks.


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